The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About International Travel

June 12, 2017 Travel20

In a simple term, glossary helps in the understanding of a complicated system and makes international travel less threatening. Glossary of terms about international travel was designed to ease the problems associated with air travel. Glossary of terms is a totally new language that was developed for effective communications between those flying planes, agents that did the booking as well as the flying public.

Here is the ultimate glossary of terms about international travel.

  1. Add-on – This can be described as accommodations, arrangements and special services made in addition to the fundamental service offered by hotel, airline or other operators in the travel industry.
  2. Actual Flying Time – This is the time taken to travel from one point to another even as the plain is on the air, between take-off and landing.
  3. Adjoining Rooms – These are hotel rooms lined side by side with interior doors that link to another room without having to access the public areas of the hotel.
  4. Airline Designator – This is referred to as the alpha code for identifying an airline, like CO for Continental Airlines or BA for British Airways
  5. Availability – Means the number of seats vacant on a particular flight that no earlier reservation has been made.
  6. Blackout Dates – This is a period when airline will not let certain types of tickets or fares be honored or sold, like during holiday or peak travel times
  7. Base Fare – This is the least amount that flying from one place to another before taxes; fees, surcharges and other costs are incorporated into the price of a ticket.
  8. Boarding Pass – This is a document issued to you at the point of paying for your airline ticket. It often assigns seats to passengers.
  9. Bulk Fare – Reduced and discounted fares that are also extended to groups that travel together
  10. Carry-on – This is the bag or luggage you are allowed to carry into the passenger compartment of the aircraft. It must be handy enough to fit inside the compartment
  11. Business Class – This is the mid-range category of seats between the coach and first class of the aircraft
  12. Cancellation Penalty – This is the fee a passenger will pay the airline, should such a passenger cancels his flight after a seat reservation
  13. Excess Baggage – This is a baggage heavier, larger or more abundant than the standard baggage that you want to carry inside the plane. Excess baggage normally attracts more charges.
  14. ETA – This is the Estimated Time of Arrival – This is the exact time a plane is programmed to land at its destination
  15. Non-Transferable – This means that a passenger can only use a ticket bought for the destination it is intended and cannot be used for another destination.
  16. Leisure Travel – This is a journey or trip made for fun including a trip to vacation destinations
  17. Non-Refundable – A passenger cannot return a ticket for credit or cash after been bought
  18. Limited Service Hotel – This is a hotel that only offers you a place to sleep and that’s all.
Leroy Graves