International Travel Explained in Fewer Than 140 Characters

June 12, 2017 Travel28

Getting started with international travel does not have to be difficult, but ensure all needed paperwork and travel documents and in order. You are responsible to ensure you have the right documents to enter, pass through and come out of whichever country you are going, when you are making international travel.

Here is international travel explained in fewer than 140 characters.

Getting Ready for International Travel

  1. Irrespective of your age, you need your set of travel documents to make international travel
  2. Make sure you make use of the information just as it shows on your passport to complete your application
  3. Confirm your eligibility with the consulate of the country you are visiting to make sure you are qualified.

International Travel Documents and Requirements

  • Passport – You need a passport to board international flight abroad. You’re the passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after you entered the foreign country and it must be maintained in good condition, free of damage.
  • Visa – Apart from your passport, you need a visa to enter some countries. Visa is issued by the consular general of the country you are going. With the presentation of your passport and some other required documents, you will be interviewed. If you respond satisfactorily to the questions asked, you will be granted visa.
  • Health Requirements – You must fulfill the health requirements of the country you are traveling to. As a result, you may need vaccinations, based on where you are going.
  • Tax Exemptions – If you meet the applicable conditions for exemptions, you may be qualified for a refund of some of the taxes incorporated in the price of your ticket. This varies from one country to another.

Making Your International Travel Easier

  • Look for a reputable travel service provider – Many trustworthy international travel service provider are available to choose from. They are ready to help you make your travel easy. Subscribe to their newsletter to get latest information, particularly concerning your destination.
  • Check through Foreign Airline Sites – If you are probably have budget constraint and don’t want to book your flight through the travel department of your company, you can look at overseas airline websites of the country you are visiting. This will save you some bulks too.
  • Obtain Hotel Business Cards – To make things easier for you when you are overseas, you need to first obtain a business card from the front desk of the hotel you want to lodge. This will save you any embarrassment that may result from missing your way back to the hotel. The card contains the name and address of the hotel in local language.
  • Use Your Credit Card – Making use of your credit card is the best exchange rates you can ever get. However, a foreign transaction fee may apply in many credit cards. With Platinum American Express and Chase Sapphire Preferred cards, you will avoid unnecessary charges because they don’t levy this fee. On the other hand, don’t ever have a restaurant or hotel to first exchange a charge into dollars. This is a bad deal ever!
  • Charter a Private Jet – by chartering a private jet with a company like Jettly you’re able to save time and reduce the hassle associated to international travel. You can leave on your own schedule and from any airport you choose.
Leroy Graves