The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About These 5 Locations

June 12, 2017 Travel23

If you are a travel enthusiast, you will agree with me that there are many locations you can visit as far as traveling is concerned. You can take a trip to attractive destinations like water parks, beach, hotel resorts and restaurants for fun and sightseeing. However, choosing a pleasant location to visit while you travel is very important because a vacation is the time of relaxing and not worrying about the work you left undone in the office.

Identified are the most hilarious complaints we’ve heard about these 5 locations:

  • Resorts – Resorts are places where you can visit for sightseeing. The place must be attractive with good infrastructure and facilities. The place must have good access roads and other attractive facilities.

Complaint: The roads to these resorts are bumpy and uneven. Therefore, it is impossible for us to read the local guide book in the course of the bus ride to the resort. As a result of this, we were ignorant of a lot of things that ought to have made our holiday more exciting and fun.

  • Hotel – The role of hotels cannot be overemphasized as far as travel is concerned. Hotel is always the first place of contact of any traveler. Good hotels must have modern day facilities as well as accommodating staff.

Complaint: A woman experienced her ordeal in a hotel when she and her fiancé placed booking for a twin-bed but they were put in a room with a king bed. As a result of this development, she became pregnant. She held the hotel receptionist/attendant responsible complaining that the incidence wouldn’t have happened if he had put them in the room they booked originally and therefore want to be reimbursed because she is pregnant.

  • Water Park – Water parks are amazing travel destinations and must visit for some travelers. Good water parks will attract more visitors to the park.

Complaint: A traveler and her spouse booked an excursion to a water park but were prevented from having fun at the park because they failed to take their towels and swimming costumes along. Their hilarious complaint was that they were not informed about this development.

  • The Beach – This is also a wonderful place of destination for travelers who love fun and excitement.

Complaint: Unanticipated pregnancies, too many fish in the sea and beaches too sandy are the most hilarious, outrageous, stupid and ridiculous complaints made by travelers.

  • Restaurant – In the true sense of it, a good and reputable restaurant should be able to offer tasty and tantalizing food for different categories of people who love dining out. Complaint: The complaint of a visitor that visit a restaurant on his holiday to Goa in India was that he was dismayed to discover that nearly all the available restaurants served curry, while he doesn’t like spicy at all.
Leroy Graves