The 3 Biggest Trends in Destination Travel You Need to Know About

June 12, 2017 Travel19

Destination travel will without doubt make you look healthy, young and adventurous. This is probably not surprising that this is what people who are real dreams travelers are capitalizing on for many years to come. On the other hand, travel negotiators pointed out that there would be more millennial on the road than never before – and availing the advantage oft the gains that they have to provide. And of course, older healthier together with the younger travelers are looking up to niche market such as experience, adventure and wellness travel.

Therefore, here are the 3 biggest trends in destination travel you need to know about.

1. Adventure and experience travel

Whether it is a confined off-the-beaten path destination or one that provides an exceptional cultural experience, travelers are looking for a genuine experience. In this case, clients want to go extra mile to do something extraordinary and have more exclusive experiences when they travel. Whether through activities, culture, food or all the above mentioned, these customers want personal and up-close experiences.

2. More Millennial

More millennial will emerge as the latest generation of time-conscious clients who are familiar with good service looks out for experts to assist in planning their trips. According to a reliable news, more than 52 percent of mediators stated that they see development in quite a number of millennial customers, while 60 percent stated that 10 – 25 percent of their new business was millennial clientele for more than 2 years.

On the other hand, approximately 34 percent of these customers are having the plan of embarking on more vacations in the near future, even as 10 percent plans to augment their budget for vacations.

3. Wellness Travel

The fact is that it looks as if there is always something current or new in the world of health and fitness, causing a roaring for the wellness industry, whether it is a research, testimonial or study. About nine in ten or 80 percent of travel agents opined that they are looking forward to see development in the wellness travel industry.

This is the highest percentage of these agents who are looking forward to annual development of wellness travel. The contributing factors comprise of a total concern with increasing stress levels, health and wellness, rising knowledge of well travel, aging population, exhausting work environments as well as additional wellness-oriented vacation properties. With this development, people ant to go away and remain healthy as well as return back refreshed. On this note, traveling customers must be concerned with a journey that centers on relaxation, activities, mental health and spirituality.

Wellness travel is a niche that really deserves investing into. Hence, there are more than 83 percent of customers are willing to pay huge sum of money for their wellness travel or gain access to health-focused products and services in the course of traveling.

Leroy Graves